UPS and Inverter


UPS and Inverter

UPS systems supply are used to support mainstream IT , communications infrastructures, Data Centre etc. When mains power goes off, the Standby Power system will operate either from stored power usually within lead acid batteries installed or by generated power from a generator or a combination of both as an integrated hybrid system. It not only acts as an emergency power source for the appliances, it serves to resolve common power problems by providing stabilsed & clean Power .

Inverter is back up device which is used in midsize offices were Generator can be costly.

Vitrex Infra has a wide range of solutions available from a number of reputed companies to serve your needs. We understand the needs of reliable power and provide batteries that guarantee that reliability.

We serve UPS OEM’s, professional users and battery aftermarket distributors with our solutions.

Data centers invest heavily in UPS to protect critical business processes and ensure reliability even in disaster scenarios. Vitrex Infra supplies large scale battery systems, customized to the site and application for our professional business users.

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