Public Address Systems


Public Address Systems

Public address system is used in two applications: Evacuation General Announcement / music playing during evacuation call emergency messages are delivered with help of public address system. PA systems help accurate information regarding nature of situation as well as the seriousness of the dangers, precise location within the facility. PA system is very effective tool for mass evacuation than the siren and other types of warning devices. It also helps to interact with surveillance to give more effective communication to the affected area.

Professional sound systems help to define the quality of the performance, speech or game. When the sound isn’t right, the experience quickly deteriorates: speeches become muddy to the ear, gameplay announcers can’t be heard, music blares. Additionally, a professional sound system – one that features equipment developed by recording engineers and concert sound professionals – is fundamentally different from squawking address systems. The results are clear sound, transient accuracy, and extraordinary performance.

For professional sound systems, Vitrex Infra is a leader in the design and installation of signal processing units, power amplifiers and loudspeakers. From classrooms to auditoriums, gymnasiums to football fields, professional sound equipment from Vitrex Infra is designed to deliver the highest-quality sound. We can custom design, engineer, and install a professional sound system that will suit the needs of any facility

At Vitrex Infra, our goal is to provide only the highest quality audio products for professional sound systems – from theater to music to spoken word in any environment.

We are the best value in electronic solutions for fire alarms, security systems, sound and communications systems.

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