Fire Fighting Systems


Fire Fighting Systems

Fire Fighting System is probably the most important of the building services, as its aim is to protect human life and property.

Vitrex Infra offers a wide range of comprehensive Fire Fighting systems such as sprinklers, Fire Fighting pipes, valves Foam system and monitoring systems. Vitrex Infra provides complete firefighting system, sprinkler system, fire hose real with cabinet, fire extinguisher, FM 200, novec system, fire foam system & fire suppression system etc as per NFPA & international codes.

Our Fire Fighting Systems are a combination of elaborate equipment that you would require to keep your premises safe from fire accidents. Whether you want a specific equipment or a full range of fire fighting equipments, Vitrex Infra is your one stop shop. You also get the liberty to customize a few aspects which will not alter with the functioning and differ from the regulations.

For unparalleled quality and value in Fire Alarm Systems, Fire Fighting Systems, and Communication Systems call Vitrex Infra— +91 72640 01188

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For unparalleled quality and value in access control, fire detection, and communications systems, call Vitrex Infra  +91 72640 01188