Connected Lighting Solutions


Connected Lighting Solutions

Connected lighting is run on modern infrastructure that connects lighting to an intelligence system. These systems are then able to connect and communicate with other smart devices in the building such as smartphones or home assistant devices. As commercial businesses are continuing to look towards ways of improving efficiencies and delivering optimised, sustainable energy savings, connected office lighting will be the future for many of these.

This technology will also be revolutionary for building owners and managers, as it gives insights that were previously unheard of. Switching the cabling of traditional lighting infrastructure to modernised connected lighting provides benefits such as the ability to track data, view analytics, control security features or view ongoing energy savings. Connected lighting also gives building managers the capability to be in control of their infrastructure with unprecedented ease. The technology is so advanced that it can be used to help space planning, immediately recognize space utilization issues and enhance security and safety procedures within an office, all in real time. This information all then combines together to provide the most efficient working environment possible.

Vitrex Infra is a leading provider of connected lighting solutions. Our connected lighting system of uniquely identifiable luminaires is integrated into the network of the site where the lighting is installed.  It can then share information about its current status. This gives the system the intelligence that it needs to update the system with statistics regarding room occupancy, emerging usage patterns, temperature or humidity changes for example. Using connected lighting solutions from Vitrex Infra, offices will be able to benefit from enhanced productivity with customisable settings for each employee and monetary savings of up to 80%. Connected lighting really does mean that the office can work for everyone rather than having a blanket, one size fits all lighting solution.

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