Audio Video Conference Systems


Audio Video Conference Systems

In today’s competitive business environment, use of audio visual aids has become a necessity for any organization. Most of the modern boardrooms / conference rooms / huddle rooms has undergone major changes through the adaptation of audio visual technology. The use of audio visual technology in boardroom/conference room is helping in improved collaboration, productive meetings and faster decision making. The audio/visual systems in your boardroom / conference room / huddle room must be designed to be user friendly and be highly reliable. The system should work seamlessly to make your meetings highly productive.

Benefits of Audio Video Conferencing Systems:

  • Simple video conferencing and screen sharing empower employees to get work done.
  • Video calls make face-to-face interactions possible for geographically dispersed teams.
  • Build better relationships with customers and potential prospects over time.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Save money in travel.

Vitrex Infra provides a full range of video conferencing products such as video conferencing hardware endpoints, software endpoints, multi-point conferencing control units, management systems, conference cloud, and peripherals. These products offer various video conferencing solutions for use across a wide range of areas, such as industry, public security and distance education.

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